At Blueprint office, we can also provide you with all means of accessories to complete the desired finish, whether that’s aesthetically, ergonomically or to simply suit practicalities of your surroundings.

These can be in the form of plants, blinds, screens, binding equipment, printers, faxes, desk top equipment the list goes on right down to literally pens and paper.

Computer Accessories

At Blueprint Office we understand that today's marketplaces are adapting more and more too ergonomic ways of working; together with health and safety this ensures working environments are safe, comfortable and more importantly practical.

We offer a wide range of computer accessories that accommodates the ergonomics of the working day, together with the health and safety finishes and both are completely practical. These include screen filters, foot stools, monitor arms, computer stands, additions of all styles and sizes and we're sure we can accommodate all of your requirements in this area.

Presentation Equipment

Presentation can play an important part in trying to market 'that' product, clinching 'that' deal or even extending 'that' theory. The right equipment is crucial to gain the desired result and presentation comes on many different levels from exhibitions to school rooms, from freestanding exhibit stands to fixed notice boards. Again this is an area that covers a lot of ground where we're sure we can fulfil all of your requirements.

Office Supplies

Speak to us direct about setting up an office supplies account, where we can offer you bespoke contract pricing and where we're certain we can beat the current prices you’re paying irrelevant of the size of your company.

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